Adj: Used to describe a female that is currently in a relationship with someone else
Jon: "Look at Tonya over there, she's lookin fine"

Bobby: "Don't bother, she got scooped up just last week"
by BMoney January 29, 2005
see also scoop. A fighting tactic in which one person grabs another's legs and attempts to lift him off of the ground, often onto something (table, chair, etc.). Usually results in getting hit repeatedly in the back.
Damn that n*gga got scooped up.
He was tryin' to scoop his ass up.
by Vince December 1, 2003
Anthony will scoop up the kids at 6 pm.
by Joie November 30, 2016
To Pick Someone or Something up, usually in a vehicle.
Hey Kiana can you scoop up the Target order after work?
by Brypo23 April 30, 2021
The act of scooping an individual food item off a plate for another individual.
Ex. "Hey, scoop up one of those for me"
In reference to a single item.

Ex. Cheese crisp slice.
by Jbizzy23 June 16, 2014
-get someones number
-make someone your girl/dude
Man#1: Yo, go tell shorty I said wasup.
Man#2: Chilllll doggie, I'ma 'bout ta go scoop that up!
by da-realist-bitch January 10, 2004
To take a good idea and make it one's own.
Letting the employees work from home is a great idea. We should scoop it up.
by P0rkchop June 28, 2013