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This technique is used by a woman while playing with herself . This involves stroking her vagina and her beaver in a dainty and self-ticklish way .
This masturbation technique takes place after a woman is already aroused but wants to heighten this effect on her .
You can also call it tickling her tiger or for a guy polishing your penguin .
by Hef August 16, 2005
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When a person is socially out of sync during the present gathering . This tern is NOT : degrading or contemptuous to the person out of sync . This is also a SLANG term .
1. A person is off topic .
2. Not cluing in to what a particular conversation is about .

The next person will reply in a humorous tone of voice "pack-a-lunch"
by Hef July 5, 2005
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When a woman starts massaging her front private part .
This is a slang word/phrase
A woman playing with herself
by Hef August 16, 2005
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A general slang word when a guy is talking to other guys to describe that a woman is attractive . It can mean slightly attractive to very attractive .
Damn , that chick I saw on the beach, she was a STEAK !.
by Hef November 13, 2007
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When a woman strokes just the hair in front of her front private part (beaver )
She does it in a ticklish manner.

This is a slang word
The pre-stages of a woman playing with herself . This is done to sexually stimulate herself before continuing to play with herself .
by Hef August 16, 2005
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When a woman is extremely good-looking but not quite among the best
(This is a slang term used by men with minds in the gutter )
by Hef June 21, 2005
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A woman who is usually good looking but is very highly sophisticated .
A rich man's good looking daughter that is very classy . ( this term is usually used with perverted minded men )
by Hef June 21, 2005
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