40 definitions by Hakko

one of those "i dont do nude scenes" actresses
if they dont nudy up whats the point?
by Hakko December 13, 2003
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the most macho of all animals.
current macho animal team consists of:
Macho Tiger
Macho Fox
Macho Lion
Macho Dog
Macho wolf
Macho Hippo
macho hippo being machoest and macho wolf being most perverted

they are the most macho of all
the'll kick you in the balls

macho animals, macho animals!

there sick, there deranged
the'll watch you getting changed

macho animals, macho animals

dont forget they always use protection
and the'll wank off your erection

macho animals, macho animals.....
by Hakko April 14, 2004
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when a females genitals are so flappy and used the insides sag out and hang from exhaustion
man i saw my mums meat flaps the other day, it looked dead
by Hakko December 11, 2003
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extremly large, king size penis.
"whoa! hakko you didnt tell me you weilded a meganium!?" - suckyfucker Mclickerson
by Hakko November 21, 2004
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nachos served piping hot from the anus
Waiter: "your order sir?"
Hakko: "ill have the nacho anus please"
Waiter: "wise choice sir"
*waiter bends over revealing a nacho anus*
by Hakko November 21, 2004
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all the evil in the world combined into one being which brings people to tears just by talking to them on AIM
LoboParamilitary(8:00:47 PM): fuck your a loser penis

Jon Penis (8:01:34 PM): i no waaaaaaaa! Juji!!! LMAOROLFLOLOLOL!!!!!!!! im gay!
by Hakko February 09, 2004
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your nob after a big night of wanking and or sex
Girlfreind: "whats that fishy smell?"
Brain: "oh thats just my morning nob"
by Hakko October 02, 2004
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