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An emoticon that represents Yahweh, the god of the Abrahamic faiths. The "G" is his head with a halo around it. The "D" is him sticking his tongue out at all humanity, because he intends to throw us all into hell.
Earth, this is Yahweh speaking. The reason for all your confusion is that I deliberately made my message of salvation unclear. I like suffering, and I look forward to the end, when I can burn you all! G-D
by GreatBigBore March 18, 2010
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Pertaining to a person who, even after being burned by fire, goes back to it because there is something in the fire worth having, worth being burned for.

Such a person finds that there is an incredible richness in a life lived with a willingness to risk occasional injury in exchange for something real. Plus you get really cool scars, bragging rights, and interesting stories to tell.

A person who fits the above description
Hey, you sass that hoopy Meg? Yeah, there's one froody twice-burnt if I ever saw one.
by GreatBigBore March 22, 2010
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A follower of the Nazarene incarnation of the Mosaic deity Yahweh, variously referred to as Jesus, Yeshua, Christ.

See also Yahwehpocrite.
Wow, you Hypochristians attend abortion rallies to defend fetuses but you think that it was ok for Yahweh to order the slaughter of Amalekite babies! I don't get it!
by GreatBigBore February 22, 2010
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1. An unrepentantly preposterous, wrongheaded statement, often lengthy, obscure, poorly worded, badly spelled, ineptly punctuated, and simply unformatted, posted in an online forum.

2. A statement, perhaps otherwise intelligent but not necessarily so, containing the word "igonrant" as a pejorative, posted in an online forum.

3. A person who has posted or makes a habit of posting igonrants.

1. To engage in creating an igonrant (in the noun:1 or noun: 2 sense)

2. To engage in creating an igonrant (in the noun:3 sense)
Hey, check out this igonrant about how homosexuality is causing all of the earthquakes!

I hated W too, but this igonrant for bush makes all of us look bad.

Did you see the entry for nigitis? Whoever posted that is a real igonrant.

Hurry up man, we'll miss the Nazi rally!
Hold your horses, I have to finish igonranting about President Obama.

Hey, good looking, you drive a Humvee too? Let's head to my place and igonrant.
by GreatBigBore March 16, 2010
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A follower of the Mosaic god Yahweh, arguably the most objectionable character in all of fiction, who claims that Yahweh is full of love, compassion, mercy.
Hey Yahwehpocrites, why does love times infinity equal infinite love minus (most of you will burn in hell)? That's weird Yahweh-math.
by GreatBigBore February 22, 2010
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A primitive response to external stimuli, occurring before reason has a chance to modulate one's behavior.
"Screw you, sinners!"

- Baby Jesus' gut reaction when Mother Mary explained about God's crucifixion plan.
by GreatBigBore March 5, 2010
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The unwitting use of sarchasm upon oneself.
If I say "refudiate" to Sarah Palin or one of her fans, that's sarchasm. When Sarah Palin or one of her fans says "refudiate", believing that it's a real word, that's auto-sarchasm.
by GreatBigBore January 23, 2011
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