something that saves from danger or difficulty or sin or evil
he book was my salvation from boredom.
by maboiisgrowingup2321 March 18, 2021
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Pure, unadulterated soul without pulpits, confessionals or holy water for your salvational pleasure.
by smudgetool December 16, 2010
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A Salvator is the greatest person in the world it's origin is from Berlin, Germany From a High School
He is a Salvator. means He is the greatest person in the world.
by minesotatwin December 26, 2013
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Manly sex beast, usually of Italian decent, sometimes referred to as Slav. Tend to be smart assed, egotistical and sexually alluring to females. Very attractive, funny and smart, Salvator's are excellent kisser's with an enormous penis size. Salvator's are known to always satisfy their lover, but are chronically late for meetings, appointments and dates.
Salvator's are a very rare breed capable of melting the bravest of hearts with their smile. Those lucky enough to have a Salvator in their life are truly blessed.
"Oh god Salvator, you make me feel so good"
"Can't stop smiling. I was with Salvator last night.."
"Wish Salvator was here. He always makes me feel better."
by Dr_mnm June 30, 2016
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So yummy and hot I'm drooling!!! Mouth watering appearance.
Your Ass booty makes me salvatate.
by Meoryck December 7, 2013
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A church that takes advantage of visitors and newcomers by providing them with a cathartic emotional experience only to manipulate them into volunteering services and money. Most of them become disillusioned and leave the church, but by then the church's leadership is already working on the next batch of suckers.
Person #1: I just joined a new church, I get to help out there all the time. The pastor gave me a free book on how to manage my money.
Person #2: They just want to take your money and have you work for them for free. That place is total salvation mill.
by LuridHope October 5, 2013
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When you are horny and think about engaging in an extremely sinful, degenerate sexual act, so you have a fap to avoid committing a worse sin than "just" fapping
Yesterday, I suddenly had the horny urge to engage in bestiality while having a large sausage shoved in my ass, so I did a Salvation Fap for damage control.

"May I ask, what sins did you confess at church yesterday?"
"Well, I had a short shower wank, to avoid going to the whorehouse again"
"Oh, so you had a Salvation Fap?"
by Sir Asbestos July 30, 2022
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