phrase used to win an argument when no original comeback can be thought of
person 1: "You're stupid"
paerson 2: "You're stupid times infinity"
by Amleto October 6, 2003
What is said when you are engaged in a verbal war of 'is not's and 'is too's and want it to
A) Come to an end,
B) End with you winning.

NOTE: There is no such thing as 'infinity times one' or anything of that nature.
"Is too, times infinity!"
by October 4, 2003
No u times infinity reflects anything to its caster , its quite op and its best used to reflect a no u or a 1 hit KO insult.
John : Hi i like fortnite
Tom : I play minecraft

John : lol y u dumb
Tom : no u
John : lol ur mom gay kid

Tom : no u
John : no no u
*omae wo mo shindieru*
by Sub Resko ;) February 17, 2019
A word modifier to emphasize how immensely amazing something is to the point that it is too good to be true.
-Tom: That muffin was amazing!

-Dan: Yeah, it was amazing times infinity plus one
by Word101 April 8, 2009
"I hate you!"
"I hate you times ten!"
"I hate you times a hundred!"
"I hate you times a million!"
"I hate you times infinity!"
everybody loses their shit
by Kyle,that random guy. November 29, 2017
Mere mortals believe that the most flaming insult is "ur mom gay lol".

But these fools do not know the power of the S U P E R G A Y C H A R M.
When activated, the super gay charm makes the target gay times infinity.

Anyone who reads this - your mom now gay times infinity lol
Person 1: Hey ur hair looks bad and ur ugly

Person 2: lmao get ready for this

Person 1: What're u gonna do ugly fat man
Person 2: Super gay charm activated ur mom gay times infinity
Person 1: Literally dies of a coronary on the spot.
by Dirty sanchez 420 April 2, 2018
as good as something can ever hope to be. the ultimate in awesomeness.
you should have seen robbo's triangle solo it was super mega awesome to the max extreme awesomeness times infinity to the power of a ninja
by psiclops October 13, 2009