plural for fetus (correct plural form)
joanne is impregnated with 10 fetuses
by TC April 24, 2003
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The act of assuming a fetus like position in which the body is curled with knees into chest; this is commonly due to a high intake of THC; a symptom of the itis
Man, Marcus got too high again, looks like he's fetusing.
by project420 May 13, 2009
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when a person is randomly in a corner or crouched in a fetus-like postition rocking back and forth and wimpering.
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When two people wrap themselves in a blanket to pretend they are twins in a womb. Often done as a street performance by homeless derelicts.
"OMG Tiffany, Where is Michelle?"

"She's in the back room fetusing with Bobby, what a slut!"
by meow13242 February 5, 2016
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A “one size fits all” insult that you can call anyone when they are being a total J. A standard insult. Typically paired with jaboris or jabrone.
Nick: “dude your girlfriend is so hot! AirDrop me her nudes!”

Cody: “Nick you fucking jar of aborted fetuses, this is why your dad left to get milk and never came back!”
by Shr6k9ine October 21, 2019
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