#1 Something causing or regarded as causing a response.
#2 An agent, action, or condition that elicits or accelerates a physiological or psychological activity or response.
#3 Something that incites or rouses to action; an incentive: “Works which were in themselves poor have often proved a stimulus to the imagination” (W.H. Auden).
I cannot perform under these stimuli.
by #20 October 10, 2005
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Dense. Imbasil. Someone lacking the slightest degree of intelligence. A total idiot who has no concept of the ramifications of his (or her) actions.
You want to jump out of that airplane from 50,000 feet without a parachute like some STiMULi?
by Joey November 17, 2004
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The object of multiple “stimulus checks” provided by the IRS in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Man 1: Have you received your stimuli?

Man 2: Yeah, I got all three checks.
Man 1: Word.
by therealscholar March 06, 2021
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