-A native or inhabitant of Nazareth.
-Refers to Nazareth.
-An early name for any Christian.
A person from Nazareth is Nazarene (duh).
by El_Dudee November 13, 2010
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Nazarene is beautiful, sexy , loyal and will love you like no other, her circle is small but she is popular. She has a big heart and loves to make people happy , girls are often jealous of the way people love her Will lie about her and usually talk about her because of it. But Nazarene laughs at this childish and insecure behavior,She is street smart and stays ahead of the game, She is loud when comfortable with you and quiet when observing people. The boys love her but only one can truly have her heart. She doesn’t care about other people opinion because she knows how great she is , she is a hustler and will do anything for her family and the ones she loves. She has a good upbringing and learnt a lot from a young age no one can stop her greatness.
by Unknown queen November 22, 2021
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A person who likes to live freely but likes to talk alot about other people's business. She is usually found in a different group every day. She is popular and good looking but no one really notices her.
Boy 1: I met the most strange girl today
Boy 2: Was she a Nazarene?
by Phetema November 6, 2015
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Like no other university! A place where you can feel loved. Community is what MNU is all about. With over 40 academic majors and nine pre-professional programs, MNU is certain to have an area of study that interests you. Add that to our intentionally Christian focus and you'll get a great well-rounded liberal arts education here.
Prospective student: Where do you go to college?
MNU student: A great university in the KC area called MidAmerica Nazarene!
by Brasky33 October 29, 2013
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A little private christian college in some weird ass named town that starts with a B located an hour south of Chicago. Everyone tries to get married by sophomore year. Close to 90% of the people are sheltered and have never talked to the opposite sex so I guess it works out. All the women are naturally just thick as hell.
"Damn she already gettin married? Does she go to Olivet Nazarene University or something?"
by Humbledbeast52 March 19, 2017
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A school that we are told exists, but in reality doesn't. This is because the members of NNU are fake. Assholes. Dicks. Close-minded, illogical, republican, conservative, homophobes.

After I went to NNU-Northwest Nazarene University, I had to wipe three layers of slime off of my clothes.
by flyinggiraffe3 April 5, 2009
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