a phrase used my posh torys/ private school people meaning yeah or exactly etc.
person: its so hot rn

me: wordeddd im sweating
by u fruity don March 31, 2021
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a word used by posh private school teens meaning “exactly” or “yeah”
person: i really feel like having a burger rn me: “worded”
by u fruity don March 31, 2021
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Being grammatically raped while playing Words With Friends. Usually takes place immediately after setting your opponent up with a triple word score.
by MattyBee1 June 6, 2011
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What people write on Urbandictionary when they don't know how to link to another UD word.
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
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It means "same" or that you are agreeing with someone.
Leo: "I liked the game last night."
Anthony: "Word for word, dude. Word for word..."
by XaioPuppy February 20, 2018
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Used when talking to your friend about copying homework.
You better not be doing Word for Word or we going to get caught
by aaaaaddddddddd February 15, 2018
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It pisses me off when people do that.
"See the worlds funniest definition! wordword/word!!!!!" - Assclump
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 28, 2003
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