118 definition by Geoff

A female wedgie. Especially noticable in bathing suits.
"Amanda had a VW Bonnet in swim class today!"
by Geoff December 11, 2002

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A variation of the word crunk. Implies even greater drunkeness.
>Dude, we got so crunk last night.
>>Dude, we got crunk-fernackle last night!
by geoff March 16, 2005

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cool hhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh
sharpy you are soooo cool ...yea right
by Geoff February 02, 2005

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Someone fond of showing others his bum crack, then rubbing sand in it.
Look at that hairy bumbak.
by Geoff April 17, 2004

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A rare Texan speccies of ass ole
you Lord_Luc, what did you stick your hand in the mincer for?
by geoff February 11, 2004

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a little ball that remains in the hair of your rump crack after a grogan
after that dump at the wedding i was left with a pile of gonzagee balls
by geoff December 14, 2003

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The killing of more than one ant at a time.
"Dude, stop the kreme. You can't light that many on fire. Tis illegal."
by Geoff March 27, 2003

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