118 definition by Geoff

to tell someone not to do something
whoa please dont walk thanks
by geoff March 09, 2003

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An edpidemic sweeping urbandictionary.com in at least half of their definitions. Symptoms include putting your own opinion in definitions of concrete nouns, phrases, etc. and belittling the opinion(s) of any and all dissenters.
See Same-Sex Marriage, Scott Peterson, Macintosh, or any other subject that maybe be under even one circumstance a slight bit of a miniscule fraction controversial.

Um....there's also a bit in this definition.
by Geoff June 06, 2005

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A lady┬┤s hole
Cunt/vagina/axe wound/spaz hole/beef curtains/box/saddle bags/
by Geoff January 25, 2004

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A refrence to a hot piece of ass. Or a gang memeber who is in need of some love by a homosexual motor bike extremist.
"HA, i found you. You'll be a nice catch of fresh meat."
by Geoff March 27, 2003

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(1)A great band that dosent exsist but i wish did.
(2)Something very exciting in her pants.
"Dude i found the Grand Royal!"
by Geoff March 27, 2003

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To go out for a cigarette.
C'mon, let's shake and burn.
by geoff September 03, 2006

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A game where you are given two options one of which you MUST choose.
Many options at www.wouldyourather.co.uk
Would your rather shit out a monster truck or shit out mr. bush?
by Geoff March 04, 2004

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