114 definitions by Geoff

the empty, cavernous hole in your chest feeling, when your girlfriend dumps you.
can last two days or two weeks depending on how into her you were.
dude to his friend: ya my GF dumped me, and now two days later she's banging this guy we know, this pain in my chest, I just feel cavitated.
by Geoff June 09, 2014
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to add emotion to a word, to emphizie the phrase
the goage to my houseage of me
by Geoff March 09, 2003
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Material that such people as, Sammy Sosa, use in their bats to do better than others.
Sammy Sosa had all his bats x-rayed, but the only cork they found was in his ass.
by Geoff June 17, 2003
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