114 definitions by geoff

from the movie "Cannibal the Musical" made by the creators of South Park.

1. (adjective)
Fantastically great. Better than terrific. Retardedly good.
2. (noun)
Something so full of goodness and sunshine, it will turn anything bad or negative into something light, cheerful, and wonderful.
1. Wow, just look outside, it's such a spadoinkal day!
2. Touching me there makes me all spadoinkal inside!
3. Well Mr. Negative, someone didn't take their daily dose of spadoinkal.
by geoff February 3, 2005
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Someone fond of showing others his bum crack, then rubbing sand in it.
by geoff April 17, 2004
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to say no in a mean way
by geoff March 9, 2003
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A game where you are given two options one of which you MUST choose.
Many options at www.wouldyourather.co.uk
Would your rather shit out a monster truck or shit out mr. bush?
by geoff March 4, 2004
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He's a complete nitwit
by geoff September 14, 2003
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2. releasing something smelly out your bum
by geoff May 31, 2004
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