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"lets all man up"
*everyone takes a shot*
by geoff March 30, 2004
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Douchebag; turdwanker; buffoon
"Geez, you're such a metallicaeg
by geoff March 28, 2005
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N. Turdwanker; buffoon; douchebag. See also: metrosexual

V. To boink
"Geez, you're such a metallicaeg"
"Yeah well your MOM is a metallicaeg!"
"Speaking of moms, I metallicaeged your mom last night!"
by geoff March 28, 2005
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An incredibly homosexual man who loves to have all of his orfices penetrated with big man meat
Woah dude, I saw this gay porn the other day, the guy was such a KD!
by geoff October 13, 2003
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to go to move (used by me before 9/11)
by geoff March 9, 2003
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A rare Texan speccies of ass ole
you Lord_Luc, what did you stick your hand in the mincer for?
by geoff February 11, 2004
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1. Elite speak.
2. Internet slang language involving the replacement of letters with numbers and/or symbols, specifically to discourage and confuse new members of the community (See newbies or n00bs)
1. Do you know how to l33tsp34k?
2. j00 5u}{0Rz @ l33tsp34k (you suck at elite speak)
by geoff March 16, 2003
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