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Satan is nobody's friend.
If he was an ice-cream flavor he'd be pralines and dick!
by Garth March 03, 2005

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A loud, ulating sound
Susan yowled loudly while I was cornholing her.
by garth September 16, 2003

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Getting so drunk that you go numb.
'Yesterday I got numb drunk'
by Garth August 04, 2004

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the act of unexpectedly running the interior part of your hand down the face of a bystander. most effective when one does it with a completely straight face and walks away slowly.
dude, you scurffed her so hard you made her nose bleed!

nice scurff man, he didnt even see it coming.
by Garth March 10, 2005

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Tits that look good from the outside, turn out to be nothing but fried eggs underneath the push up bra.
Check out the millenium domes on her.
by Garth August 04, 2004

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all that is not not fragus
an apple is not fragus
by garth February 04, 2004

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An exclamation for anything good. Derived from the TV show 'Crazy Monkey'.
That film was awesomewickedcool
by Garth August 04, 2004

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