Fine ass girl with some fine ass booty
Friend 1: *has big butt*
Friend 2: heyy you got a nice wash your hands *wink wink*
by pixiedust137 May 13, 2020
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It's called washing your hands

1. Put you hand in water make sure your whole hand is soaked

2. Grab the soap bar and rub it on your hands

3. Keep doing that and make sure you wash between your finger and wash every part of your hand, keep doing this for at least 20 seconds enough time to sing happy birthday twice

4. Soak your hands in the water and get all the soap off

5. Grab a CLEAN towel and dry your hands

There you just learned how to wash your hands bravo
Mom: wash your hands before dinner so we dont get the coronavirus!
Billy: okay mom
Washing your hands before dinner
by You know what I mean March 20, 2020
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A simple reminder to all the lazy people who haven't washed their hands in a long time.
Lazy Person: *doesn't wash their hands*
by ave_scientia January 30, 2020
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What the hell is wrong with you. You just took a shower and your already washing your hands, wtf
Bf: u wash your hands after a shower?
Gf:yeah u?
Bf: I don't think we can be together anymore
Gf: why?
Bf: washing your hands after a shower? Like who does that! See ya NEVER!
Gf: hey there's more people that like me anyways
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