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An adjective to describe a person or situation that is "iffy" or awkward and unsure. Can be used when you're just in a funk and not sure what adjective to use.
Someone: "How are you and your boyfriend?"
Me: "'s kind of skiffy right now."
by NinjaWorksInc February 7, 2010
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Derogatory word for an immature fan of science fiction, or sci-fi. A science fiction fan who doesn't have a realistic attitude toward the genre, but thinks that science fiction is the be-all ad end-all of his/her life.
Look at that skiffy over there with the Spock ears. Let's hit him with the Shrek slime!
by pentozali February 6, 2006
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Onomatopoeia for the word sci-fi as a derogatory label towards the softer forms of science fiction (i.e. space opera, science fantasy, Doctor Who, the Marvel/DC Comics universes, etc.). Most users of the word are purists that reject anything not grounded in some semblance of reality (or, failing that, fringe science).
The Sci-Fi Channel became total skiffy the moment they renamed to SyFy.
by Alexander Peregrine September 13, 2012
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Sketchy + iffy. Can include feeling wobbly, wired, dizzy, nauseous, whirly, shaky, twitchy, jumpy, sleepy, and/or jerky. You are sick, between meds, in love, or on drugs or caffeine.
My (coffee/cocaine/xanax) ran out and I feel kind of skiffy.
by doolicious October 5, 2011
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describing stoners who fart. A stoner whom proceeds to fart, is therefore "skiffy".
Hippie: "Only skiffy stoners fart"
Silent Bob: "...."
by Garth November 21, 2004
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A saying or word used when someone dress or acts like a huge slut. This can include wearing minimal or no clothes, always having boobs hanging out, and acting like a slut. Also known as the opposite of classy.
"So are we gonna dress skiffy for the party tonight?"
or "That girl was all over 5 guys at once, she was being such a skiffy"
by STFOMOFO September 21, 2010
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