A loud, ulating sound
Susan yowled loudly while I was cornholing her.
by garth September 16, 2003
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ADJ; A loud cry; especially one of pain or discomfort.
After having been stabbed nearly a hundred times, The man left out a wailing yowl
by Complacent November 03, 2017
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another way to say bowl or pipe or anything of that matter used to smoke marijuana. not a joint or a blunt.
"we're gonna smoke a <i>yowl</i>, you want a hit?"
by Fuggin Fish September 27, 2006
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Da hilarious off-screen sound-effect dat is dubbed in post-production, and which follows a scene where someone carelessly/irritably tosses a fairly-heavy/bulky object over his shoulder or off to da side.
If a homeowner is in da habit of flippantly lobbing sizeable items away from himself, you would think dat his house-pets would have long ago gotten used to it, and so there should be little reason for da classic "crash 'n' cat-yowl" dat is often heard accompanying said mindless hurlings.
by QuacksO July 22, 2021
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