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The same as fuck you but less harsh
I told that bitch to go "fuck herself" and she said "fork you"!
by R-DoggCA May 05, 2006
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May you be confounded, accursed humiliated, etc(a partial disguise for fuck you)
Person one: can I get 5 bucks from you?

Perosn 2: Fork you!
by Light Joker September 20, 2004
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When somebody at the dinner table asks you to go get them a fork, you go get the fork and then say, "Fork you!" as you hand them the implement.
Frequently elicits audible chuckling if not downright laughter.
{Voni}: Craig, can you please get me a fork?
{Craig}: Sure thing there Voni...(gets fork)...Here you are Aunt Voni. Fork you!
{Voni}: Chuckles quite noticeably
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by Telephony June 07, 2018
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