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Any teenager or young adult who takes a japaneese import car, ususally a Honda, and adds relitivly cheap aftermarket parts that have no effect on engine performance. Such parts are aftermarket exhaust, intakes, wings, lights, and stickers. Most commonly added are NOS and VTEC Sitckers. When the hood is lifted however the engine isn't a VTEC and there is no Nitrous Oxide system Installed.

When challenged to a race ricers will almost always and laugh and drive away with there exhaust making you deaf for a tempary amount of time. On occasion a ricer will make the mistake of pulling up with the Rap blaring and ask a guy in a small low powered car to "rice" becasue they can't say race. The person will almost always decline the "rice" but if they accecpt they will win because the ricer drives his car in first gear only becasue it is louder than the higher gears.

I could beat any ricer in my rusty old corsica. Execpt I wouldn't wake up the neighboorhood with my exhaust.
by Garrett October 28, 2003

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A quote from a Saturday Night Live skit featuring Blue Oyster Cult members recording "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" with a producer telling them to add "more cowbell". A funny pun on the cowbell in the song by BOC.
Billy: "It needs more cowbell!"
by Garrett March 29, 2005

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Synonym for perfection. Kind of like karma. You stive now to do good deeds so you may return to earth in the state of Manya.
A charitable and benevolent and intelligent person can only hope to one day reach the state of Manya.
by Garrett December 31, 2003

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Power, or lack thereof
My computer doesn't have enough umph to play that game.
by Garrett May 29, 2003

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Used in many urban communities, often used by "gangsta" White kids and African Americans scolded for using the word "nigga." It carries the same connotation as nigga.
"That nyucka is dope!"
"Nyucka, you got some rock?"
by Garrett October 31, 2004

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Short for spastic or spasticated person. Mostly used in the UK.
Alternatives include: Spastic, Spaz, Spazpuss, Spaztard and Spastard
Shut the hell up you Spaz.
You're such a Spaztard.
by Garrett February 03, 2005

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The act of taking a product and watering down elements of it to make it appeal to a broader mass market. This often damages or destroys the very elements that gave the product any appeal in the first place.
Today, many video games are dumbed-down in an attempt to reach mass market audiences for higher profits, instead of loyal hardcore niche audiences.
by Garrett October 24, 2004

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