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Very very cute. In a cute kind of way. Not necessarily sexy though.
That new puppy is as cute as pie.
by Garrett June 26, 2003
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Synonym for perfection. Kind of like karma. You stive now to do good deeds so you may return to earth in the state of Manya.
A charitable and benevolent and intelligent person can only hope to one day reach the state of Manya.
by Garrett December 31, 2003
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Middle aged man that wants to play wit little childrens' teeth. He is also a little on the fat whale side.
Kids, I know you wanna play with my patty.
by Garrett March 16, 2005
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A vagina that has a penis coming out of it.
I went to finger her, but she had a penigina, so I had to jerk her off.
by Garrett November 21, 2004
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1. Positron Emission Tomography (or Peritoneal equilibration test) - A special type of X-ray using a radioactive dye which shows areas of the brain that have a higher or lower metabolism than normal. It can sometimes be used when an MRI scan alone is inconclusive.

2. Polyethylene terephthalate - A thermoplastic commonly used for film and also clear plastic bottles.

3. Pupil Evaluation Team - The team responsible for developing the special education service plan for children age 5 to 20.
1. To have a PET Scan.

2. The bottle was made of PET.

3. Get the PET to sort it out.
by Garrett February 03, 2005
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