51 definitions by Garrett

A vagina that has a penis coming out of it.
I went to finger her, but she had a penigina, so I had to jerk her off.
by Garrett November 22, 2004
This is when a girl has a what appears to be a vagina, but when you open it up, it's actually a anus.
I went to eat her out, but she had a vaganus and I do not toss the salad.
by Garrett November 22, 2004
Man, im glad im cooler than dker.
by Garrett October 1, 2003
Short for spastic or spasticated person. Mostly used in the UK.
Alternatives include: Spastic, Spaz, Spazpuss, Spaztard and Spastard
Shut the hell up you Spaz.
You're such a Spaztard.
by Garrett February 3, 2005
when you take a shit, you have left over corn in it
adil ate corn last night, he poopcorned it out this morning, it was still yellow
by Garrett December 3, 2003
a place like walmart but everything is made up of poo! evn the toilet paper
i wne tot poomart
by Garrett December 3, 2003