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infinitely good
by Gordon October 25, 2003

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Manfat, Semen.
Shes a good Girl - she loves the Devils Porridge!
by Gordon September 16, 2003

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An expression used when you envy someone's good fortune.
"Mother fucker! You got her and I didnt?"
by Gordon March 11, 2004

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The best darn olympic team in Chadbourne Residential College.
Winning the Chadbourne Olympics was a big release for the Skeeters
by Gordon October 14, 2004

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1.A retard that still manages to get in a fuck or two

2. A wad of shit
1. Me: Yo that guy is a fuck tard
Bob: I envy him.

2. Me: Yo, I dare you to eat that fuck tard
You: fiiinnnneeee
by gordon March 08, 2005

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My home town. Like every other UK city ive been to. its innerds are depressing and dead, filled with the rotting skeletons of its industrial past. The town centre has almost no character, if you dont count the gangs and homeless. Its suburbs have some nice parts, but mostly not so nice parts. And you only have to walk 10 minutes before you hit another councel estate, with burnt out cars, scallys and shopping trolleys. It may be extremely multi cultured, but if you ask me, theres alot of ratial tension in the air.I dont consider myself racsist, but when you've been mugged 3 times, each time by a different gang of black youths, you have to ask yourself wether its a co-incidence you're white.
Birmingham does some nice currys

Birmingham is dead, like the rest of inner city UK.

Solihull is going the same way.
by Gordon March 22, 2004

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Foerign kid who drinks a lot and play beerpong.

Typically from Europe, (Denmark)
If you are really drunk

Man, you are denmarkian!!
by Gordon February 01, 2005

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