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Comedy that is popular amongst students. Sometimes is very avant-garde and ususally not funny at all.
Crap comedian "Is it me, or do all pensioners stink of piss?"

Student louts "Ha!!!!! He's so funny!!" "Now THAT'S alternative comedy at it's finest!"

Normal person "Jesus christ"
by GF October 7, 2005
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The anticipation phase starts the moment after taking a pill and lasts for 20 minutes to an hour, whilst you're waiting for it to kick in. This can be an exciting phase as you know something magical is coming at any moment but you don't know exactly when. There may be glimpses of it but this may also be the mind playing tricks before it really starts. For the more seasoned pill taker this moment may actually be 1 of frustration as they want to be there immediately.
Guy 1 "You there yet?"
Guy 2 "Nah still in the anticipation stage."
by GF August 20, 2007
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The result of a life time of eating too many chicken kebabs and playing tennis. If one has fat calves they are always in denial that they have fat calves and claim that it is just muscle, resulting in asking in a rather homo-erotic way to feel the calves to show they are not fat when they are clearly visibly fat.
Predox "Had a beltin chicken kebab last night from Abdul's"
Keane "I can tell, your calves are looking fatter than usual lad"
Predox "My calves are not fat you swine! Come here, feel them, I'll prove I don't have fat calves"
Keane "No thanks"
by GF August 20, 2006
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A person who digs through other peoples crap trying to find something of use, but usually ends up smelling like a pile of dung
"Wow, your child is quite the crap weasle!"

"I caught a crap weasle hanging out in my shitter"

"You smell like a crap weasle
by GF January 29, 2003
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What was once the ultimate put down. The strongest diss you could say to somebody who was annoying you by being physical with something you own.

Starting off with expensive things that other poor kids couldn't afford, this was a snobbish insult used by richer kids who had the flashest new gear and one of the poorer kids wanted to touch it as they could never afford somethign so extravagent. This was in fear of the poorer kids leaving germs or nits on the item leaving the richer kid fucked later on. This would put them in their place and the poor kids would know their place in society.

However, things started to get a bit out of hand circa 1997. The diss spread wildly across Britain's schools and soonn became used in day to day conversations heard in the playground; the cheaper the tackier the item the better the insult. It was a witty way of saaying "you're so poor that..." but without having to use the brainpower to think of an item and and it would leave people hurt inside.

Soon enough people found a way of responding to this comment which was to get your wallet out and show you have enough money to indeed afford the item, thus making the person who used it look silly and make their point completely void. Soon after this was discovered people stopped using it, and thus sending a classic diss to the history books along with "your mum gives head for bread" and other such insults.
Person 1 "Hey, Let me have a look at that pen."
Person 2 "Oi, don't touch what you can't afford!"
Person 1 "Damn...you didn't have to go there."
by GF February 16, 2007
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Oxford Road is a road in Manchester that joins directly to Wilmslow Road providing transport throughout the city and nobody knows exactly where Wilmslow Road ends and Oxford Road begins.

Fed up with rural life, Roy Wilmslow decided he would begin building a road to travel through to the lively city centre. At the same time Andrew Oxford decided he would also build a road from Manchester to Didsbury. Without knowledge of the others plans, they wer shocked as half way through making their roads the two roads joined and the pair could not reach a decision other than to name both sides of the road and have it as 1 road.

Oxford Road is known for its more industrialised part of the road with its universities and clubs and BBC offices.

The remaining Wilmslow family still reside in Didsbury and pride themselves of their heritage. Every now and then power mad family members try to campaign to get the entire road named as Wilmslow Road which have been unsuccesful to date.
by GF November 18, 2006
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A pilly spliff is an invention that whilst not as good as the chingy spliff is still cool to do whilst at a party. This involves the use of crumbling an ecstasy tablet, AKA, an E into a joint of weed before rolling the joint. My preferred dosage of e for this is half a pill. Although I enjoy doing this, as I enjoy the taste of it, it has not been scientifically proven that it really has any efect when consumed in this method. 1 reason for this may be everytime I have done this I have already been under the influence of 1 or more pills, and the weed chills you the fuck out already whilst on that stuff so can't really tell. In fact i'd go as far as saying it is showing off!
Person 1 "Check this out i'm makin a pilly spliff!"
Person 2 "Bloody show off! Give me some."
by GF August 10, 2007
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