good when prepared by qualified professionals (aka Italians), but can be the grossest and most vial thing in the world when prepared by Jewish people.
Italian person: "My mom makes the best pasta."

Jewish Person: My mom's pasta makes me want to barf.

(I am Jewish, so I know from first hand experience that tomato sauce, when prepared by Jews, is deadly.)

I will support any politician who makes a law banning Jewish people from making tomato sauce.
by I hate Tomato Sauce July 20, 2010
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When a girl queefs straight period blood in your face as a prehistoric defense mechanism.
"get back or I'll use my trap card!" "No! You don't mean?!" "That's right, the Tennessee tomato sauce!"
by PappaQTip June 12, 2019
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The effect you get when you squeeze a tomato sauce bottle and the sauce goes anywhere but at the food, usually sideways onto your shirt or pants. The effect can apply to any liquids including urine.
Example 1:

Person 1: "What happened to your shirt?"
Person 2: "Tomato Sauce Effect."
Person 1: "Oh right, yeah, I hate the Tomato Sauce Effect."

Example 2:

Person 1: "Hey man, why is there urine all around the toilet and on your pants?"
Person 2: "Sorry bro, I had a Tomato Sauce Effect."
by Fruit_Salad July 2, 2011
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when a person has really bad diarrhea and drinks about 9 gallons of red drinks in a time period of about two to three hours while eating tons of red colored foods and the takes a huge red diarrhea dump in a bowl then makes french fries and then consumes the french fries and using the diarrhea as ketchup; also possible to do with more people
kyle: I texas tomato sauced yesterday
caleb: and you did this without me
by 1458lover July 3, 2010
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When you destory something or murder it
charles "did you lose to gabe in NBA Live"
Jrod "never it was red rum tomato sauce all over that clown"
by manson3 May 16, 2008
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grabing your testicles and making them enter into tomato sauce
you woke up last morning wanting to put your balls in tomato sauce.
by tomato sauce guy March 13, 2018
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