Theres not enough words in the world to describe how amazing and loving he is. Even on the dreariest of days he will only make you smile. He only is working or is with his family. He doesn’t like to be by his self. His favorite thing in the whole wide world is his FAMILY. If you ever meet Boyd make sure you make him your friend.
Da Boyd of the world
by BellaWarrior1 November 24, 2017
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A handsome boy with a "fuck-it" attitude, he is hot and hilarious, boys envy him because of his hair and body, any girl would be lucky to date a Boyd, if you have a Boyd as a friend, be nice to him because he can destroy you in very few words, he is great at comebacks and can rap with the best of them, if you betray or be disloyal to a Boyd he will never live it down and will hold on to the grudge for years, break his heart and he'll do anything for revenge, you will see alot of Boyds dating Kasey's
A Boyd is not someone to mess with.
Boyd is a dope rapper
by Splyt2304 September 18, 2018
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VERB - the act of going out in a group of two or more persons for a social event (meal, drinks, leisure etc.) in full knowledge that one cannot pay for their portion of the event, and having someone or a number of people to pay for the act. This is typically followed by not paying the person or people that have bailed you out.

ORIGIN - early 21st century, Luanda (Angola). A prominent expat figure, N Boyd, regularly "forgetting his wallet" at social events and not repaying the person or people who have had to bail him out.
*searches his pockets for his wallet*

"You're not going to do a boyd on me are you?!"
"Ah mate! I forgot my wallet! Is it OK if you boyd me out today?"*searches his pockets for his wallet*

"You're not going to do a boyd on me are you?!"
"Ah mate! I forgot my wallet! Is it OK if you boyd me out today?"
by elkam0 August 8, 2014
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To be speechless, as in to have no comeback in a cus fight, or when a teacher is talking to ou, and you know he is right and just stand there. That is getting boyd.
Arunyath: " Yo man! Jack got boyd by Mr. Schaefer!"

Steve: "No way man! How embarrasing!!!"

Arunyath: "Yeah initt!"
by Arunyath April 30, 2005
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To fraudulently sell someone something with a "fuck it" attitude pertaining to when and if they find out how hard they just got their ass stuffed with a fistfull of lies.
That guy just bought the biggest piece of shit in the world and I sold it to him. He got boyded so hard.
by XxDELIVERANCExX February 1, 2015
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To, despite the trials and efforts of a large group of people, have the whole thing botched by one or a small group of idiots.
for examples of a Boyd, see:
Dredd Scott decision
2001-2008 presidency
by Anonickymous July 4, 2008
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Someone who is hot as balls and try’s too hard to impress everyone but plays it cool. He’s kind and smart but never too quick to catch on.
Wow he’s a Boyd
by Gretchyn July 21, 2018
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