i love us
similar to 143 (i love you) but since there's only two letters in it, it becomes 142
dude how did we end up here?

idk dude 142
by BestDuoEver December 9, 2010
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i love it
similar to 143 (i love you) but becus there are only two letters in it it becomes 142
dude hows that new game?
dude 142
by lil muhamed January 10, 2009
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one for peace (the peace hand sign is two fingers)
All my friends and I are 142, for reaaaal.
by JEEEEZY June 14, 2008
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Rule 142 - If a man does ANYTHING to make you uncomfy you have full right to cut off his d!ck, and turn it into an earring.
Boy - *Cat calls some random girl*
Girl - "Haha. You fool. You have forgotten about Rule 142.
by Kurapikas_Property January 1, 2021
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Singing songs for a clapping audience. It's so easy. 142.
142 142
by Ayakamissuni June 4, 2022
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