1. To "take the magic bus" is the act of getting VERY high. Usually referring to marijuana but can be used in other contexts

2. The name of a Bong held dear to ones heart that is used on a regular basis
dude, lets go over to my house and take the magic bus
by Shaftasm September 7, 2008
A term used generally in the late 60s/early 70s for the hippy bus some kids owned to go get high in, especially during school.
"Hey Wally, wanna take a ride on my Magic Bus during lunch break? It's stuffed!"
by Morbidia May 29, 2005
The vehicle that picks up all of the ugly people (or drops off all the fine people) while you are in the restroom of the club pissing out the 5-10 drinks you have already consumed.
"Damn, looks like the magic bus stopped by while i was in the men's/ladies room. How YOU doin?"
by KCoady May 8, 2008
N. Someone who's detached from reality. Taken from slang nickname for the trolley in "Mister Roger's Neighborhood" used to go to the Land of Make-Believe.
Voter 1: "I think the Green Party will win the White House in '08!"

Voter 2: "Whoa...someone's really riding the magic bus."
by DaBunny June 3, 2005
To be completely under the effects of any strong hallucinogenic drug, such as LSD(i.e. acid) or mushrooms. When you are riding the magic bus, you are so tripping out, that you are able to hallucinate beautiful women in place of what in reality, are women who are tore up or broke down.
When Nick D was relaxing on his bed during an acid trip, he suddenly found himself actually getting laid by a very hot voluptuous bitch who just busted into his room. But unfortuantely, Nick D was so riding the magic bus, as he did not realize he was actually bumping uglies with an ugly, wrecked, hoodrat hoochie mama cheese hog skank!

Mark H. Contributing to the drug abuser's slang vocabulary since February 2004.
by Mark H October 20, 2004
The phenomenom of being drunk and seeing members of the opposite sex as being more attractive than they actually are. Especially used in southern England.
"Woah man, that chick from last night was butt ugly" "Yeah, I think it was a case of magic bus..."
by kidburla June 1, 2003
A fictional show that's been around for awhile. The show is basically about a teacher with hair at least 10 feet and students that practically live on a magical school bus. What I mean is that the kids and the teacher Mrs.Frizzle only stay in the classroom for like 30 seconds and then they leave on the bus. They usually go in people, plants, etc. It's kinda like my bus with their conversations.
by OofBanana January 4, 2019