Amazing, incredible, a breath of fresh air in a world full over over-exposed pop stars who don't even write their own music and spend more time on their appearance than their songs. Piano based with awesome vocals, it took a few times to really get into it, but I absolutely LOVE Keane now.
by Axl Foley February 22, 2005
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Someone who is irresistible. Women cant keep their eyes of keane. To be a women in Keane's world means constant pleasue every night in bed. Keane also has a sexy figure with a nice booty
Every girl in Keane's class can't keep their eyes of him
by Thomas The Tank Engine March 24, 2019
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Keane is an Irish warrior who will be at your command of making potatoes, reviewing potatoes, eating potatoes and finally growing potatoes
Abbas: I want potatoes
Ethan:same I want someone who can grow potatoes, review them and eat them.
HARPAL:(slides in the convo, out of nowhere) you should have a friend named Keane then
by Loooooool2006 November 22, 2019
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A British band that is taking over the Western Hemisphere (that would be us for those who aren't so good at geography) because their music is so amazing and brilliant. Their song "Somewhere only we Know" was the #1 song for weeks on Z104 (WQRX Washington) because it is so perfect. The band members may not gorgeous, but they have wonderful British accents and are so cute and so alluring as musicians and people. And, if everyone wasn't so closed-minded about what's cool and what's not (it's about time to make your own descisions people...), Keane would have already made it big-time in America like they have in Britain!
Person 1: Turn that up! It's Keane on the radio! They are my favorite band!
Person 2: What?
Person 1: Just listen...
Person 2: Wow. It is really cool. Are they British?
Person 1: Yeah
Person 2: That's hot!
by Keen_on_Keane February 24, 2005
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When one has smoked a large amount of Marijuana then collapsed in an industrial site whilst listening to Massive Attack.
To Pull a Keane
I think hes pulled a Keane
last night i pulled a wicked Keane
by BLEACH69696969 February 9, 2009
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A wonderful-wonderful person who's generally quiet, but has a heart of gold. People with this name usually like to flirt a lot, but once their mind and heart is with a person, they will do whatever it takes to make them happy. Unlike most people, Keane's very honest and straight forward. Usually brunette and with a huge ego. Has the good looks of Kelso, Fez's sense of humor and Eric's heart.
Keane: You look so beautiful today!
Me: Aaw, thank you!
Keane: That'll be $10
by Team Veggies August 13, 2018
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