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(N.) A movie starring Jim Carrey as a man who gets fed up with God, so God gives him his abilities for a week while he goes on vacation to show Bruce how difficult it is to run the world and please everyone.
Bruce Almighty was an underhyped movie, but far better than many of the other Summer Movies.
by G-Union July 30, 2003
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(N.) Cheap ass soda in which you can get a 6-pack for a dollar.
Bubba Cola: The offical soda of the hood.
by G-Union August 25, 2003
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(N.) A type of music that is 85% Pop, 14% R&B, and 1% Hip Hop. Made famous by suburbian teenyboppers.
TLC is the perfect example of Bubblegum Hip Hop.
by G-Union May 19, 2003
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(N.) Cheesy, awful music made by lame bands like the Backseat Boys, N*Stink, 98 Disease, and Oh-Yes! Town.
Christian Schoolgirl: I like to listen to Bubblegum Pop, not Dirty Pop!
Typical American Teenager: Dirty Pop? You mean Christina Aguilera in bed? (this works on so many levels.)
by G-Union May 19, 2003
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(Adj.) To act Overly Happy or Perky. Usually in those who have Care Bear Blood. Also, the type of people who like to sing Showtunes who end up in Disney Movies.
Also, means Champagne.
My Girlfriend Melissa is too Bubbly today. This isn't friggin' Freaky Friday, Melissa! Snap back to Harsh, Cold Reality, dammit!
by G-Union August 13, 2003
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(N.) A show used by Law Enforcement in Suffix County to torture criminals into revealing incriminating information. No more Good cop, Bad cop. No more two on one guy in handcuffs ass kickings. Just a Season 7 DVD of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, starring America's Favorite mid-30's Teenage Brat, Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Dubbed, "The Buffy Project" a man named Joss Wheadon (Think Quentin Tarantino, but fatter) created a TV series that would one day become the staple of Non-Violent Prison Torture. Just five minutes of bad puns, and horrid storylines/scripts/plots would make even the hardest of criminals revert back to the infancy stage of human thinking.
by G-Union April 12, 2004
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