one of many vague, nebulous, meaningless marketing hype phrases with no prerequisites, rules or regulations required to differenciate between them.

see: hit, break-out/thru, smash.

they imply that the product is already in some way "successful" & therefore is deserving of your attention, because you the consumer are a follower & couldnt possibly find something interesting on your own unless thousands or millions or others had already experienced it & said it was worth your valuable sheeple time & interest.
After a decade long career, selling millions of albums and touring the world several times over, the band finally had a 'smash hit' that went to number 30 in the charts.
by metaball August 3, 2007
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An awesome Swedish game where you smash glass-like structures with metallic balls
by SmashHitGamuh July 22, 2023
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something that is very successful
It was hard to believe that this video game was already a smash hit and that it was released only recently.
by Light Joker January 22, 2005
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A british magazine aimed at 10 year old girls and men with Boyband fetishs/addictions. Features 'hot pictures and gossip' about all the boybands. sometimes contains free gifts (gay porn/condoms with westlife on it/laminated poster.

Liam:I have to renew my subscription to smash hits!
Graham:Quick to the newsagents!
David:Today there's a pull out picture of Shane Warne
by Eisel Dier April 1, 2007
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a british magazine aimed at 10 year old girls. Features 'hot gossip' about the hottest pop stars. sometimes contains free gifts.
I need to go to the newsagents to get this week's smash hits. I hope it has busted on the cover, they are sooo hot.
by huh March 21, 2004
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Otherwise known as WWFISSHM style:
Before reaching climax (in any orifice) you must carry out every devestating wrestling move known to man, pin her, win the count and do an impression of the entire crowd cheering you on and then slap her and go to sleep.
1:What happened to xxxxx at the party last night? She came out in a wheelchair!
2:Yeah my buddy xxxxx carried out a wwfisshm (World Wrestling Federation International Superstar Smash Hit Megastar Style) on her.
by Steven Redknapp October 2, 2007
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