stands for Crowd Control. used in MMOs when you stop mobs from attacking you. A type of ability, or character role meaning when attacking a group at least one mob is unable to attack
zulah will CC when we hit groups of mobs
by joe ben-avie December 19, 2005
Common substitution of letters "ck" in Crip gang culture, due to "ck" being an acronym for Crip killer/killa or Crab killer, being its more extreme variation. For this reason, words that include the letters "ck" are either removed (deletion), avoided, or replaced by "cc". For example, the phrase "kick back" is written as "kicc bacc". There are instances of wandering tourists getting the stares or even being confronted by crip members for wearing Calvin Klein clothing line. This practice has found its way into the meme culture and popularised by memes such as "THICC".

CC letter substitution is now considered a mainstream practice. However, not many people know its exact origins.
CC, more than a symbol for a crip
by EmporioQ December 21, 2020
Customer: How do I delete my cc information?
Customer support: You can delete your credit card information by GOING TO YOUR ACCOUNT SETTINGS PAGE, WHERE IT'S UNIVERSALLY WHERE IT'S ALWAYS LOCATED!!!!!
by Orangelanguage January 30, 2018
Cock Carousel. Also known as a girl who likes to sleep around.
Leftist jezebel chicks love to ride the cc and just blame us guys for slut shaming.
by hwrdprkns August 7, 2014
(N.) The symbol for "Closed Captioned."
This Program is presented to you in CC.
by G-Union December 1, 2003
cubic centimeters of course.
Can refer to the volume of an engine.
by Professor July 30, 2004
Something odd people do which is replacing words with "ck" at the end with "cc"
"Thicc" is just "Thick" with "cc" replacing the "ck".
by ave_scientia October 31, 2018