an easier way for red sox fans to admit their team sucks, without saying they suck. dated back to the trade of babe ruth, it is a liberal maneuver, in where it is much easier to blame your own problems on something that doesn’t exist, instead of taking responsibility for your actions I.E. management, pitching, fielding errors etc.
the yankees just crushed us i hate the curse. why does this always happen to us.
by cole October 27, 2004
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a no-longer-existent object of taunting for the Red Sox haters in this world.... GO SOX!!
the curse of the bambino is non-existant
by EmJane April 18, 2005
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a watery sensation around your arm pit area, usually build by excessive sweating.
JD's curse was so bad he need prescription deodorant to make things better for himself.
by mr x November 28, 2004
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ok, let me get this straight, THERE IS AND NEVER WILL BE A SUCH THING AS A CURSE!!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again three hundred trillion times if I have to. Its is just some retarded ass excuse that the worst team in baseball the red sox. And it is funny and just goes to show how right I am, that when the red sox were loseing they always would say "Well, its not our fault its the curse of the bambino!" but once they win a world series, the "curse" suddenly went away. And another thing, how the fuck do you get a curse from tradeing Babe Ruth to the yankees???
The curse is a bullshit excuse and the red sox STILL and will ALWAYS suck the yankees balls.
by pimp daddy dollars January 20, 2005
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As defined by the r/cursedimages mods: an image/video that causes confusion, eeriness or dread; or where the following questions are difficult/impossible to answer:

Who?: Only applies if there is someone in the image itself who the common person would not know the identity of. It does not apply to the question "Who did/made this?" since that applies to nearly every image.

What?: Either applies to "What is this?" if "Who?" does not apply, and always applies to "What is happening?" Even if you can tell what is happening, this question can be rhetorical if the situation is purely absurd in nature.

Why?: Applies to "Why is this happening?" or "Why did someone do this?" or "Why would any sane person do this?".

How?: Applies only if an action is being done or has been done in an image to wonder how it happens. If it can be reasoned as to why, this question does not count.

In a similar vein, cursed comments make you think: "What the hell did I just read?", "Why would anyone type this out?". They tend to be overly edgy comments.
Q: What are some ways to tackle suicidal thoughts?
A: Shotgun to the face.
Poster of the screenshot: Cursed suicide

Comment 1: 90% of koalas have chlamydia.
Comment 2: Oh fuck
by penishead2 December 23, 2020
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something you'd find very scary and possibly you'd become cursed just by seeing, saying, smelling, hearing, making, etc. you will regret lots of stuff about it.
dawg: hey look at this cursed image
tracer: shizz man that's creepy yet blessed
by 11DefinitelyNOTContentX09 December 23, 2018
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