35 definitions by G-Man

An uncontrollable event, prefored by a roudy individual, perhaps influnced by durgs or alcohol
Ersman going apeshit
by G-Man February 11, 2003
While inspecting the female jewels for cleanliness and aroma, the unsuspecting person finds a ball of toilet paper between the lips of the vagina.
John was fingering Jane last night and found a vag pearl; he hasn't talked to that dirty bitch since.
by G-Man March 7, 2005
Term used towards Japanese made vehicles.
Which ride is yours?

That blue jap trap over there.
by G-Man January 18, 2005
Wheres tha boo boo bama at? I needs ta get high
by G-Man April 21, 2003
adj. the highest complement, ranking something above everything else. Syn. sick, wicked, cool, fly
That girl you hooked up with last night was flaccid, or,
That 720 indy grap you threw on the pipe was flaccid.
by G-Man February 11, 2004