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A party at your house which usually does not involve the consent of your parents, so theres lots of alcohol and people getting crazy, your house gets wrecked and you wish it never happened. So basically the worst decision you could ever make.
Puke on parents bed, carpets, house in a bad state, lawnmower on shag-pile carpet you get the idea
by G-Man January 05, 2005

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The visible portion of of a g-string that rises above the back of a woman's pants or skirt. Named because it is similar in appearance to the tale of a whale that is above water.
"Dude, check out the whale tale that girl's showing."
by g-man January 18, 2005

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Filthy odor from one's being or body
Get on with yo stank ass!
by g-man September 23, 2003

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A man, who for all intents and purposes, is straight, however once in a while likes to engage in gay sex.
Stephen would never mess around with a guy!

Yeah, whatever, he's on the down-low!
by G-Man June 08, 2004

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While inspecting the female jewels for cleanliness and aroma, the unsuspecting person finds a ball of toilet paper between the lips of the vagina.
John was fingering Jane last night and found a vag pearl; he hasn't talked to that dirty bitch since.
by G-Man March 07, 2005

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Popularised by the Jay and Silent Bob collection of movies, loving "the cock" adds the random the in front of the word.
Dubya loves the cock

as opposed to:

Dubya loves cock
by G-man September 13, 2003

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A shit, usually of full girth. Tendency to bring pain upon exit.
1. "I hate dropping the cosbys at public restrooms"
2. "I drove Bill Cosby and the kids to the museum"
3. "The cosbys are pushing at the gate"
by G-Man March 05, 2003

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