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A person or persons from Asia whom usually is bought from a rich, cracka and is used for sexual favors and has a strategically placed penis where his/her vagina should normally be. Usually bought from a poor Asian family in a large city. Related: transvesite, tranny, shemale, hermaphrodite.
I bought this crazy hot Asian Ladyboy from a cracka in NYC.
by G-Man March 14, 2004
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An inner-city prase used to describe getting one's hair cut.
I was down in da hood today, and my fro was getttin a bit unweildy, so I decided to get my wig busted.
by G-Man February 07, 2005
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Phrase used by college students when they decide to skip all their classes for a day.
"I'm not going to any classes today, I'm taking a personal day."
by G-Man January 18, 2005
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A play on the phrase "Fuck Missoula." Used mostly on t-shirts to insult the hippies, yuppies, and yippies from the city of Missoula Montana. Mostly used by the students of Montana State University towards the students the University of Montana.
"The t-shirt place won't make a shirt that says fuck on it. What should we do?"

"Put 'Muck Fissoula' on it."
by G-Man January 18, 2005
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