Jason and I were chatting in the office when Kyle came in to announce his promotion. FTG. (Fuck That Guy)
by johniebravo October 2, 2009
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Fuck The Government

Usualy used in the punk era or the pop punk era.
"Societys shit theese days dude"
"I know right FTG"
by Billiejoe1234 April 6, 2016
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"For the girls"

The act of never being in favor of anything that your bros want to do. It is rumored that if you're FTG for too long, you will turn into a girl.
Normal guy: Dude my ex is such a bitch!
FTG guy: No shes not dude shes actually really cool
Normal guy: you're so FTG bro
by Jsl_photo May 29, 2016
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Fuck That Guy.
Usually used in describing a dude, but can be used other wise(i.e. Fuck That Girl).
"Yo, you know that douchebag with the middle-part?"
"Yeah! Total FTG."
by Kate Taylor February 12, 2008
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Means "f*ck this game". An expression used when frustrated with a video game, instead of saying FML, thus f*cking your whole life and not the video game itself.
I just died because of the stupid idiot playing with me! FTG!
by Macslave August 24, 2010
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The most brutal local band ever. They are better than half the mainstream hardcore bands out there. FTG stand for Facing the Giants. Check them out.
Kid 2: Yeah they are way better than most mainstream bands, i wanna see them again.
by Facingthegiantsownsall October 14, 2008
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'Flash The Gash' - An acronym used on adult TV call-in/text-in channels such as BabeStation.
Text-in conversation =
Guy1: FTG
Guy2: FTG
Guy3: FTG
Babe: 3 more FTG requests and we will FTG!
by Lyanba August 26, 2008
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