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The greatest activity roommates, friends, and colleagues can partake in: the group nap.
It is ALWAYS time for a GRAP. ~ Man, I just took a REALLY BIG GRAP in there. ~ GUYS, THIS IS THE REALEST GRAP WE'VE EVER HAD. ~ "Hey wanna grap with us?" "No." "That was the coldest rejection I've had in a long time. Tonight is just a night of EXTREMES."
by Arsenic EI November 09, 2010
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a short form for "ganster rap" Is used to describe extremly offensive music.
"Did you hear that new grap song?"

"The one by that super rude rapper ganster? Yeah i did."
by grapper98 January 15, 2010
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1. A combination of grab and wipe, usually in reference to snot. 2. A rigorous wiping of the nose involving a pinch hold and fingering of the nostrils.
A child gets his nose wiped, a man graps his own.
by M. C. Martin August 06, 2006
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Gay Rest Area Pit Stop or Gay Rest Area Penis Stop. It is well known in the USA that many rest areas are frequented by homosexuals looking to either get or give a quick BJ. The signs are all there, usually written on the side of the toilet stalls, often with numbers of local homosexuals eager for a sexual encounter in a public place.

Furthermore, a GRAPS can be any gay sexual encounter in a public restroom.

Famous people caught in the act of trying to get some GRAPS include Former Republican Senator Larry Craig, who was snagged in an airport attempting to get a GRAPS. Also, singer/songwriter George Michael was arrested attempting to have a GRAPS.
Gay truckers like to make GRAPS at that particular rest area.
by The xDoctorx August 06, 2009
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"Gay trap" -- when you lay the groundwork for determining if someone else is gay and/or for them discovering you're gay. Can be used both as a noun and verb.

I need to find out if my coworker's gay so I'm laying a grap for him.
by nickdag October 10, 2008
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