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Anything to make your piece of shit foosball table have better pole action. Haha, pole action
Different types of Foos Lube:
Pam cooking spray
Your mom's EzGlide
Canola Oil
Motor Oil
by Foosman January 28, 2010
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Like Tennis-elbow, a pain in the elbow comes from playing weeks of foosball and drinking PBR.
Damn it hurts to pick up my Peebr cause' of this foosbow
by Foosman January 21, 2010
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Cheap booze bought for foosball games
Friend: Ready to play some foos?
You: Yea let me grab my Big Bear 40 and some 211's
Friend: Please don't pee in the sink again

Foos Booze
by foosman January 28, 2010
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In a game of foosball, Money Ball occurs when both teams are on game point. At this time, it is customary to cheers, drink, and insult the opposing team and/or teammate.
Team 1: 9pts Team 2: 9pts
Fooser #1 "Money Ball!"
Fooser #2 "Cheers to you losing Boy-O"
Fooser #1 "Cheers to your Mom blowin' me later"
by foosman February 19, 2010
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Your bro that you drink coffee with.
Hey Brewham, how bout' a half-caf?
by foosman February 11, 2010
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Not just your ordinary cutie-pie, Mama legs not only has a nice set of kickers, but she'll happily feed a bunch of boys. Just like mama
"Damn check out Mama legs feeding sassages to those guys."
by foosman February 03, 2010
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An invention created by Professor Farnsworth to detect the level of "cool" of any given person as measured in "megafonzies".
When it detects around 40 megafonzies, a gloved hand will pop out and give a 'thumbs up' and the Cool-O-Meter will say, "oh, yeah!".

When the device registers 2 megafonzies, the user (let's just call him Russ), will not be able to attract guests to his subsequent party.
by foosman February 25, 2010
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