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Advanced arrogance, thinking you're way more important than you really are and are really presumptious. Closely related to megalomania.
It's about time the RIAA is smitten by some deity for hubris and stop thinking they are the law.
by Fluid July 16, 2003

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The edge of something, often used to indicate the borderlines of a certain concept: in politics, the fringe is usually the rare bunch of extremists, or in general the outcast members of a group that are considered less than peccable members.
Shit man, you actually believe a word this guy says? He's a fringe scientist! An astrologist would be more believable!
by Fluid August 28, 2003

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An illogical fear or suspicion of people, companies or organizations being consciously against you, and the belief that they are constantly trying to "get" you.
"See those people talking over there? There's no other way than that they're spreading rumors about me."

"Oh stop being paranoid, they're just talking."
by Fluid March 07, 2004

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Worse than wrong, being an untestable claim. Originally used by physicist Wolfgang Pauli to criticize pseudoscience even harsher than simple scientific errors:"This is not right. This is not even wrong."
Your theory makes no predictions, comes to no conclusions and is just tons of speculation. It's not even wrong.
by Fluid February 10, 2007

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Windows Hardware Quality Labs, Microsoft's division where they test software (often drivers) on various hardware to see if it works properly.
I'm not downloading those drivers, I'll wait for the WHQL certified version in case they screw up.
by Fluid August 16, 2003

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Old word meaning anger, agitation.
"...but the chief end I propose to my self in all my labors is to vex the world rather than divert it..."

--Jonathan Swift
by Fluid July 01, 2004

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An interface or layout that has too many bright colors, often hideously contrasting for maximum eyestrain. Prevalent in MacOS and recently Windows XP that have extremely colorful menus and buttons. The term "angry fruit salad" refers to the fact that canned fruit salad often looked unnaturally colorful, almost neonlike. The sight of such a color jumble was then referred to as an angry fruit salad.
I don't like the iMac's OS...too much angry fruit salad.
by Fluid May 28, 2004

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