Old word meaning anger, agitation.
"...but the chief end I propose to my self in all my labors is to vex the world rather than divert it..."

--Jonathan Swift
by Fluid July 1, 2004
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An as-of-yet not fully understand digital god of some unknown origin. One of the pantheon of internet beings which have inspired nearly religious fear in those they have encountered.
Did you see that shot Vexator just made? Oh shit, he's GODLIKE!!
by vexator February 19, 2003
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The collective noun for a gathering of Karens
I saw a vexation of Karens leaving church and heading to the Cracker Barrel to torment the servers and leave no tip before requesting to speak to the manager....
by Antimatterjr April 20, 2021
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Much like an annoying rash that won't go away unless surgically removed. Generally someone who resorts to the "I know you are but what am I" type of reply when they're feeling even slightly threatened. The Vexator being insecure about his manhood usually brags about his car and likes to party with his common loser friends who also don't have girlfriends.
Somebody should just shoot that poor Vexator and put him out of his misery.
by StingRay March 29, 2004
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The act of being flamingly gay to the point you embarrass yourself and others around you. Desperately needing to draw attention to yourself regardless of how annoyingly you become.
His vexation completely ruined the party.
by Angry Redneck March 28, 2004
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A situation that causes a surreal state of peace due to extreme tension, trauma, or violence.
When John got arrested for smuggling drugs he went into deep shock, such disbelief, damn, placid vexation!
by freedom boy June 17, 2009
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