7.0% alcohol hard limonade, apperently only avalible in Canada. Comes in a variety of pretty colours. Easy to get drunk off of, because of the addictive taste.
We got smashed drinkin vex, it tasted so good!
by Atrus October 30, 2004
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expression of displeasure or frustration used by the yoof. Shortening of vexed
"yoo got me vex, yeah?!"
"I'm vex!"
by Boudica Of Suburbia July 03, 2005
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originated from v-unit in the early 1960's. vex means to annoy or be annoyed by something
dont vex me up man- dont annoy me
by Rich November 18, 2004
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One of if not thee best capture the flag teams to ever play Urban Terror.
Vex dominates and rules over Urt CTF Leagues with a Iron Fist.
by Educatshun December 22, 2009
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Vex - #26
Weapon: 7% Mana Leech
Armor/Helm/Shield: +5 to Max Fire Resist
Ilvl/Clvl Required: 55
Dude JHJ picked up a Vex last night, I creamed myself when I opened my stash
by Hoop August 01, 2004
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being angry, rude or smart with a person (cheeky)
dont get vex wid me biatch
by sher March 08, 2003
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