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a medieval weapon used by knights in mounted combat. About half the length of a telephone pole, held at one end tucked under the arm.
The knights charged one another with their lances.
by Figleaf23 August 12, 2007
Bruce is just a run-of-the-mill gay.
But Stanley is much better -- he's a homo superior.
by Figleaf23 January 15, 2009
1. a muddled-together bunch of stuff

2. a dialectical concept in Discordianism that posits that the tendency for restriction and control in society is matched proportionately by a counter-resulting tendency for chaos and randomness, and vice-versa
1. When Jaydon's father told him to clean out the attic, he couldn't believe the hodge-podge of old crap up there.

2. 'Flapper' culture of the 1920s can be considered an example of Discordian hodge-podge.

by Figleaf23 January 21, 2009
A tired old gag line to say whenever someone says the word 'liquor'.
Drinkin' Man 1: "Hey, let's go get some liquor!"
Drinkin' Man 2: "Liquor? I don't even know her!"
by Figleaf23 September 7, 2007
Aleister Crowley styled himself as 'To Mega Therion', meaning 'The Great Beast'.
by Figleaf23 September 19, 2007
1 (a). electrical conductivity directed into the earth
1 (b). to be emotionally stable

2 (a). to have your flying privileges suspended
2 (b). to be confined to your home as a punishment

1(a) The computer wasn't properly grounded, so the power surge fried it.

1(b) I like having lunch with my aunt -- she's so sensible and grounded.

2(a) After he did a victory roll just 200 feet over the runway, the Red Baron was grounded for a month.

2(b) When she woke up her whole family by coming in puking-drunk at 4am, Lindsay was grounded for a month.
by Figleaf23 August 9, 2007