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The act of getting rid of something, clearing the screen or owning something. See own. Etymology: CLS is the command used to clear the screen in the programming language QuickBasic.
Person 1: Fuck yes, I'm owning at this game!
Person 2: CLS THAT SHIT!
by Fernando Martinez May 17, 2006
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Lafayette Ronald Hubbard is the founder of Scientology, and perhaps the greatest genius to have ever lived. Not only has he tricked millions of people into believing his bogus science, but he actually has them /paying/ to raise their rank within the church, and learn more of its secrets.
Hubbard is, perhaps, the greatest con-artist in the history of mankind
Tom Cruise is a fucking dumbass.

Scientology is the greatest scam ever.

L. Ron Hubbard, you are a genius
by Fernando Martinez September 8, 2006
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The subconcious urge that young males have to penetrate both their parents; one with a sword, the other with one's penis.
Sigmund Freud had some fucked up ideas.

Sigmund Freud just made the Oedipus Complex to justify his own sick desire to do his mom and off his dad.
by Fernando Martinez August 17, 2006
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Calculus is for anyone who ever complained that math isn't useful for anything. Calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with problems involving changing rates. It has universal applications, finding its way into physics, engineering, medicine, economics, and anything that involves something changing. Calculus commands a great deal of notoreity from students learning it. But, like any form of mathematics, it is all pure logic, and if you understand it, it can be a very beautiful thing.
Newton and Leibniz both developed calculus on there own. Inventing calculus; now how fucking brilliant do you have to be to INVENT calculus? Pretty damn fucking brilliant.
by Fernando Martinez August 13, 2007
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Probably the stupidest excuse for hatred known to man, racism is prejudice towards someone of a different race.
Anyone who hates someone because of their colour, is of course, a fucking dumbass. If you ever took a class on human evolution, you would know that we all started out in Africa, and at one point in time, ALL humans were BLACK. Besides, differences are what make us unique. If we were all the same, the world would be fucking boring.
Racists, homophobes, and anyone else who hates someone solely based on differences, make up the dregs of society, and are the people Hitler SHOULD have put into deathcamps. You can hate someone of a different race, or sexual orientation, but if it's BECAUSE they are different, then you are a fucking moron.

If you want a reason to hate someone, hate them cause they are fucking stupid.

Fuck you KKK, fuck you Hitler, fuck you racism. Fuck.
by Fernando Martinez August 25, 2006
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Drugs are chemicals that alter, block, or mimic chemical reactions in the brain. This causes an alteration of the body's normal processes, causing physical (Faster heartbeat, deeper respiration etc.), or mental (Elevated mood, new thought processes etc.) changes.

Drugs are used for a myriad of purposes, from anaesthesia, to psychotherapy, to just being able to wake up in the morning (Caffeine).

Drugs that are used for personal pleasure (often illegally) are called Recreational Drugs. Traditional RD's include marijuana, alcohol (Yes, it is a drug), MDMA (ecstasy), mushrooms, LSD, methamphetamine, heroin, crack/cocaine. Recreational drugs come under many criticisms, and praise by opponents, and users alike. Some believe the use of RD's to be immoral, and life-threatening, while others believe that new and thoughtful insights can come from drug use (especially psychedelics like mushrooms, and LSD)

Other drugs include caffeine, psychedelic mushrooms diphenhydramine, dimehydrinate, mesculine, morphine, dextromethorphan, PCP, and chocolate (Chocolate contains theobromine, which is an effective cough suppressant, possibly more effective than cough syrups, which are also drugs. Theobromine has mild mood elevating effects. It's also the reason you don't feed chocolate to your pets.)
Contrary to popular belief, drugs are not for stupid people. Stupid people are the reason that recreational substances cause such a problem in society.

If used responsibly, drugs can bring about new insights, and positive life changes, or can be used to just sit back and relax after a hard day's work. They can leave you with a better, and renewed appreciation of life. (This is usually the work of psychedelics) Keep in mind that responsible drug use is just that: responsible. Using certain drugs with high addiction potential, like cocaine, crack, heroin, and methamphetamine to name a few, is not responsible, unless you have amazing willpower.

Substances like marijuana, MDMA, and LSD to name a few can all be used responsibly, and can be very fun, but if used often, they can be detrimental to your health. LSD could warp your very perspectives on life to the point where you can't even look at certain things the same way anymore. Ecstasy is a neurotoxin which can leave you with long term depression. Finally, heavy marijuana use will damage your lungs (If smoked), and can leave you very unmotivated, and lethargic. It will also cause a mild cognitive impairment that will disappear after cessation of use.

In closing to this long rant, if you're intelligent, drugs won't make you stupid. If used responsibly, drugs can be a catalyst to a better, more motivated, and eventful life. As long as your drug use doesn't cross into other areas of your life (Work, school, social) you'll be alright.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you're an idiot and use drugs because it's hella fun, and cool, and you use them chronically, then they will probably catalyze your downfall. Especially if you blow guys at parties for your fix.

If you don't want to use drugs, that's fine, I respect that, and your friends should too. But please, all anti-drug people out there, don't bitch at people for doing them, and telling them that they are fucking up their lives. Unless they actually are. Blowing guys are parties, doing crack everyday, robbing convienience stores for drug money, and smoking pot in class are all signs that your friend is a fuck-up who needs to stop drugs.

Remember, it's not the drugs people use, it's the people who use them.
by Fernando Martinez July 11, 2006
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