Racism is a system in which a dominant race believe they are superior and benefit from the oppression of other races - whether they want to or not.

We don't live in a society where every racial group has equal power, status and opportunity.

Yes, white people all over the world throughout history have experienced slavery and persecution but have not been enslaved, colonised or forced to segregate on the scale that black people have. They do not face housing or job discrimination, police brutality, poverty or incarceration at the levels that black people do. This is not to say that they do not experience things like poverty and police brutality at all but again, not on the same scale - not even close.

Racism also crosses religious and cultural boundaries. Islamophobia is racism mixed with cultural intolerance. Islamophobia targets markers of moslem identity. Evident in how perpetrators of Islamophobic hate crime disproportionately target visibly moslem women, in the same way that racism often targets people for the colour of their skin. Islamophobes often target Sikhs because Sikhs wear turbans, wrongly believing only moslems wear turbans.

Racism isn't one race hating another, that's something you tell kids, i.e. when kids ask where do babies come from, you explain it at a level they understand, you don't get too technical.

Unfortunately many people never look into racism and their understanding of racism never advances beyond the kindergarten definition.
Racists implement systems that privilege the dominant race at every conceivable social, political and economical opportunity.

When black people are rejected from obtaining loans they cannot build wealth for future generations. When they are refused home loans to move into white neighbourhoods, they remain in poor neighbourhoods with depressed infrastructure, their kids go to underfunded overcrowded schools, drop out and with no job prospects, many end up in jail. Upon release they cannot get decent paying jobs, they remain in poor areas, their kids go to underfunded overcrowded schools, the cycle of poverty continues generation after generation. That is the reality of racism.
by Let's eradicate racism July 3, 2021
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Belief in or advocacy of preferential treatment for or unusual burdens upon persons of a particular race, because of that race rather than other reasons.
Denying Negros voting rights in the US was an example of racism.
by Esse April 21, 2005
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Not a real thing; an abstract social construct with no actual basis in reality.

There is only one race : the Human Race
"Those persons of a different race ! I'm voicing an I'll informed, erroneous opinion based on ethnic and cultural differences and call it Racism!"
"Say what you want, but remember it's YOUR words. You have to keep them, because your words are telling me about you, not them. It's not racism, it's being a jerk.
by Poosee January 15, 2022
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The belief that the human specie is somehow subdivided into subspecies, usually identified by an undefinable quantity of skin pigment. i.e. racism is any belief that there are such things as human races.
Non-racist: "What's a race?"
Racism: "I am white, black, yellow, green, etc."
Ultra racism:"You are racist"
by CrazyHungarian January 23, 2012
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Probably the stupidest excuse for hatred known to man, racism is prejudice towards someone of a different race.
Anyone who hates someone because of their colour, is of course, a fucking dumbass. If you ever took a class on human evolution, you would know that we all started out in Africa, and at one point in time, ALL humans were BLACK. Besides, differences are what make us unique. If we were all the same, the world would be fucking boring.
Racists, homophobes, and anyone else who hates someone solely based on differences, make up the dregs of society, and are the people Hitler SHOULD have put into deathcamps. You can hate someone of a different race, or sexual orientation, but if it's BECAUSE they are different, then you are a fucking moron.

If you want a reason to hate someone, hate them cause they are fucking stupid.

Fuck you KKK, fuck you Hitler, fuck you racism. Fuck.
by Fernando Martinez August 25, 2006
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Prejudice or discrimination based on skin color, origin, and/or religion. A group with institutional power (or more control) is technically benefiting from racism, even if they do not want to be. For instance, white men actually benefit from racism especially in the U.S. and Europe because of the power that heterosexual white men receive. Even if you are a white man (like me) who does not condone or accept it, you are still benefiting from it. Unfortunately, this type of racism is difficult to battle due to unequal population. Some believe that a fair system would be if there is a 15% black population and a 75% white population (these statistics are just made up), then the seat in government should be 15% black and 75%.

It is not based on the perpetrator's intentions, but on the perception of the victims. Someone may joke that he hates green people, but green people may not take this as a joke.

Many liberals see racism as a white-person thing due to their heavy institutional power, while many conservatives think that any prejudice statements are racism (reverse-racism). Not all conservatives are racist and not all liberals are anti-racist.

It is predicted that this generation will break the political parties. These young people see that religion, race, sexuality, gender, identity, origin, etc. do not matter and all people should be treated equal. These youngsters have the power to end racism, sexism, and division.
Racism is evil.
by Grdous April 22, 2017
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