ces·sa·tion (sĕ-sāˈshən)
A bringing or coming to an end; a ceasing,or stopping, either forever or for some time

Origin: Middle English cessacioun, from Old French cessation
a cessation of hostilities, a cessation of the war
by Techojeet September 22, 2010
The letdown experienced after standing in an elevator, doors almost closed, and someone activates the sensor in a last minute attempt to board by pressing the outside button or waving a hand between the doors.
I was in a full elevator and experienced Elevation Cessation when Harold did a mean karate chop between the doors, trying to board.
by IllinoisPam April 11, 2009
when the female types stop getting the moontimes, aka MENOPAUZ
my mom really has been sassy recently, probably due to the cessation of the moontimes.
by Bill McGassy August 11, 2008
a) a Latin phrase meaning (original meaning): if the rationale behind a law fails, so should the law (i.e. it is potentially time to replace said law, since it may n o longer serve its intended purpose)

b) (my new and improved English translation of the phrase): a nicer way of saying " repeal and replace" old and possibly antiquated laws)
can cessat ratione legis, cessat et ipsa lex, definition b) be applied, or should it even be applied, to Obamacare?
by Sexydimma December 17, 2016