A line in the 1985 screen play, Full Metal Jacket, written by Stanley Kubrick.
Gunnery Sergeant Gerheim asks, "What do
we do for a living, ladies!" and the platoon
replies, "KILL! KILL! KILL!"

He then asks, "What makes the grass grow?"
and they reply "BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!"
by PrisonBull January 7, 2008
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An amazing song written by the British boyband One Direction. It is their first single.
"Jesus Christ, 'what makes you beautiful' is amazing."
by Onedirectioninfectioner August 14, 2011
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Chant used during bayonet drills for many army's, including the British.
What makes the grass grow?
Blood, blood, blood!
Who's Blood?
The Enemies!
Who's Enemie?
The Queens Enemies
by Cpl Thom June 13, 2006
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If everybody thought the same, then they would all bet on the same horse, then nobody would make any money. Hence, different views make horse racing possible.
Dan: "Everyone goes home from school for the weekend to be with their mothers, its lame."

Jenn: "That's what makes for horse racing!"
by Irish Wisdom 11111 March 19, 2010
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Adverb. Used as a transition.
Definition: The reason(s) why (often a situation) is worse than would otherwise seem.

LeBron should have been MVP. "What make it so bad" is he got no team, and everybody knew he the man, and he still dropping 30 on them.
by Eddy A October 18, 2007
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Phrase used to describe a situation or place that by all objective measures, sucks, but can be made less sucky by luck or hard work. Makes you wholly responsible for your attitude.
by Sven Winkle March 30, 2011
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If thats what makes you sleep at night- Commonly used phrase to make peers nearby laugh. But mainly it means what your trying to say is impossible and would never happen.
Other Kid: "Yeah if thats what makes you sleep at night."
Other kids: "BHAHHAH"
by Marztav January 10, 2009
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