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When a Diplomacy player writes convoy orders wrong.
P1: Hey! My convoy orders failed!
P2: You wrote them wrong, that's why! You pulled a Lipiecki!
by Eszett March 5, 2004
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a misspelling of "for" when someone is typing a mile a minute, or in capitalised form, the hypothetical compound of oxygen fluoride
Hey! That oxygen flouride is fo the birds!
by Eszett March 9, 2003
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A metallic element on the periodic table with an atomic number of 74. It has the highest melting point of all metals and is otherwise cool.
When I said I wanted some tungsten, I did not mean molybdenum. Tungsten pwns molybdenum any day of the Muslim calendar.
by Eszett March 9, 2003
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A bulky brown Greco-Roman-appearing-type person from Sweet Cuppin' Cakes. He always appears at least once every episode to say his catch phrase, "EH!STEVE", and is always on the run from a wheelchair voiced by Bubs.
I don't know why that wheelchair hates Eh!Steve, but what else makes sense about Sweet Cuppin' Cakes.
by Eszett May 8, 2003
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The first element on the periodic table. Burns with glee when lit, and explodes when lit near oxygen.
That stupid guy lit some hydrogen he mixed with some oxygen.
by Eszett February 28, 2004
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A quaint little site where people spam the glory out of... posting, I guess. And I'm not sure about that glory either.

But most importantly is that I help run the place.
I am a mod at mantako.
by Eszett May 16, 2004
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one of at least two different forms of an element. Different allotropes of a substance often have very different properties from each other; e.g. white phosphorus (P4) is a highly reactive and toxic substance that glows in air due to its high reactivity and possesses a molecular structure, while red phosphorus (the stuff used to make strikers on match boxes) is a non-toxic substance that has a polymeric structure.
White tin is a shiny, electrically conductive metal usefull for plating cans to prevent corrosion, while gray tin is a semiconductor that possesses no uses whatsoever
by Eszett August 26, 2003
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