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a misspelling of "for" when someone is typing a mile a minute, or in capitalised form, the hypothetical compound of oxygen fluoride
Hey! That oxygen flouride is fo the birds!
by Eszett March 9, 2003
A metallic element on the periodic table with an atomic number of 74. It has the highest melting point of all metals and is otherwise cool.
When I said I wanted some tungsten, I did not mean molybdenum. Tungsten pwns molybdenum any day of the Muslim calendar.
by Eszett March 9, 2003
A noted Haddonfield composer who has written many works, such as Ode to Dallas. He is a big fan of the Cowboys, and as such his works have not quite achieved fame yet. His pastimes include watching football, playing the trumpet, and competing on the Academic Challenge team with Cashcow and Ezkett. He is a man of few words, but his saying hold immense wisdom.
Wolfgang: Hey mips-hater do you have the english homework?
Cashcow: How are you Wolfgang!
Wolfgang: That's me.
by Eszett February 1, 2005
A very fine browser, perhaps the best one out there, with nicer users than Firefox.
Opera's users don't try to forcefully convert people like Firefox's users.
by Eszett February 6, 2005
one of at least two different forms of an element. Different allotropes of a substance often have very different properties from each other; e.g. white phosphorus (P4) is a highly reactive and toxic substance that glows in air due to its high reactivity and possesses a molecular structure, while red phosphorus (the stuff used to make strikers on match boxes) is a non-toxic substance that has a polymeric structure.
White tin is a shiny, electrically conductive metal usefull for plating cans to prevent corrosion, while gray tin is a semiconductor that possesses no uses whatsoever
by Eszett August 26, 2003
the fourth most spoken language on Earth (after body, Chinese, and what's-it-called). Because of its high saturation of words and numerous associations to the number 43, atomic number of technetium, it is considered to be a radioactive language, which decays by alpha-particle emission to Latin.
Our map was in Spanish a few minutes ago. Now it's all in Latin, and it glows too.
by Eszett May 16, 2003
don't forget 30 per cent of the human body :) it was once thought to be the common element in all acids, but that turned out to be hydrogen.
Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen.
by Eszett August 26, 2003