She had her periodic table commited to memory and the elements, this night, were perfectly aligned. Nestor was gonna be a Daddy, whether he liked it or not.
by Pbaddy August 18, 2009
Nerd: The Periodic Table! The only woman who will ever love me!
Moderately socially accepted individual: Gimme your lunch money!
by Elise deLise September 12, 2006
sexy little stinky cucumber covered in rotten slimy cheese
wow that periodic table looked yummy!
by sexybeastbbq February 14, 2020
A woman who has her period periodically on a table.
Ralph was horny and threw Gertrude aggressively on the periodic table periodically.
by shanz604 October 20, 2014
An ingenious table of chemical elements ranging into the 100's. From Hydrogen to Uranium and element 114. A perfect atom and nucleus with such stabillity only found on the island of stabillity.
The periodic table is a basic lesson for any pupil wanting to learn the great subject of science
by CaptainWhiteyBoy December 13, 2006
An amazing table of elements that shows Hydrogen (element 1) to Oganesson (element 118). The farther to the right and up you go on the table, the less reactive elements typically get.
I have the periodic table on my wall.
by Jqoi Zunderlat November 16, 2020
A crap ton of knowledge we don’t even have to know unless we wanna grow up as scientists
Person: Helium, Nitrogen, Tantalum and Iodine in the Periodic table spells “He N Ta I”.
Me: woah there science
by smolkyo December 15, 2019