There name is make a they are so incredibly hot all the guys fall for her she is so lovely and any guy would be lucky to date her
by Daddy _t December 2, 2021
ben is the hottest person to exist
by puppiesrcuties October 23, 2019
Who’s the hottest person ever?

well the hottest person ever is lydia.

Lydia is also another way to say ur the hottest person ever.

So when u think someone’s hot u say ur so lydia.

dude 1: dude u see that girl over there.
dude 2: yeh dude she’s the hottest person ever aka lydia.
dude 1: yeh dude she’s so lydia.

dude: dude u just speaking straight facts now.
by ispeakfacts24/7 January 18, 2022