To strangle or otherwise constrict the flow of oxygen to the vital organs, eventually causing death.

Invented by the Sir the Third Earl of Asphyxiate, esquire.
Ah, shit, I asphyxiated that prostitute!!!
by bone squid January 26, 2005
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not being able to breathe. choking. cutting off all oxygen.
"asphyxiated watch me bleed
the life support was cut , the knot was too tight"
by brittany aesthetic April 24, 2007
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Noun; Asphyxiation

1. Death by strangulation; ergo blockage in air passage.

2. Incapability to breathe; inevitable death if prolonged.
Patient 6.0.3. died of asphyxiation at exactly 3:13 in the evening.
by TeenCoffeeAddict October 14, 2017
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to cause to die or lose consciousness by impairing normal breathing, as by gas or other noxious agents; choke; suffocate; smother.
the condition of being deprived of oxygen (as by having breathing stopped); "asphyxiation is sometimes used as a form of torture"
killing by depriving of oxygen(sufficating)

that girl was asphyxiated when i chocked her! she underwent asphyxiation
by *^%& October 25, 2007
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Arrteh: "Hey, what's your favorite word?"
Julia: "Fuck."
Arrteh: "Besides that."
Julia: "Asphyxiation. Blasphemy."
Arrteh: "Pick one."
Julia: "The first one."
Arrteh: "Mind if I use your last name?"
Julia: "Which one?"
Arrteh: "Bremer."
Julia: "Why?"
Arrteh: "I'm defining it on"
Julia: "Link me when you're done."
by Arrteh August 23, 2008
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when a girl takes your nut sak, puts it in a back pack, then zips its up and you get a boner
if your lucky you get to skeet in your math book
"gee alyssa,
did you see carly take natalie asphyxiation that guy over there?

poor butthole"
by CarlyNatalieAlyssa ton October 12, 2007
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1) The adverb form of asphyxia.

2) A modifier used in reference to humor, showing that something is so humorous that one cannot breathe due to excessive laughter.
2) It was asphyxially funny.
by joy_lukos November 12, 2007
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