242 definition by Emily

1. noun Emotional indie band from Omaha, Nebraska headed by Conor Oberst and one of several bands signed by Saddle Creek records co-founded by Conor Oberst. Conor Oberst is the only constant member of the band, but over 30 other musicians helped create the most recent album: Lifted or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground.

2. verb To create an emotional song with the aid of many people to give it a full-sounding, orchestrated sound.

3. adj. Someone who listens to and supports the band Bright Eyes and/or Saddle Creek records.
Noun: I cried because Bright Eyes is touring in Europe, and not here.

Verb: The three of them are usually the only ones playing, but they Bright Eyesed this one with that other band.

Adj.: She is a total Bright Eyes indie girl.
by Emily June 08, 2004

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Kick ass sport played mainly by girls (in America) who aren't afraid to run around in skirts and get hit by field hockey sticks.

NOT played by all lesbians. In fact, all the girls i know who play it have sexy boyfriends.
Let's go play some field hockey.
by Emily April 13, 2005

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yea + yup = yeap
yeap i will do that for you!
by Emily October 01, 2003

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Blurb in your head outta nowhere, train of thought goes weird
Whoops sorry Brain Fart
by Emily March 11, 2005

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Plastic/metal/glass instruments placed over the eyes to block out harmful UV rays.

Celebrities use them to diguise themselves as normal people. Normal people use them to digsuise themselves as celebrities.
"Check out the new sunglasses I bought! They protect my eyes while making myself appear to be rich."
by Emily December 24, 2004

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1) An english instrument originally called the sagbute (sackbutt) that makes many obsecene and beautiful noises. Often nicknamed, bone, boner, tromboner, horn, and noisy thing
The Bones in the back row are blowing their minds out.
by Emily April 27, 2004

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lead singer/guitarist for band foo-fighters, ex-drummer for nirvana
and guest drummer for many bands such as qotsa, killing joke,david bowie, cat power,puff daddy, tommi iommi and buzz osbourne (formerly of the melvins-who introduced him to nirvana leadman kurt cobain.
was borjn in warran, ohio in 1969, movesd to virginia as a young boy. wqas in may d.c hardcore bands ioncluding scream during the 1980's before jopining nirvana in 1990. after the tragic death of cobain in 1994, grohl considered quittiun music althoughter. fortunately he didnt and he went on to play drums on the 'backbeat' soundtrack (a film abouit the beginnings of the beatles in hamburg) before formin the foofighters in 1995.
the foo fighters have curently released four albums with another due to be released in june/july 2005.
dave grohl was the drummer of nirvana and is great
by emily March 10, 2005

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