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Hot piece of ass born in Boston, MA. in 1970. Starred in two of my favorite movies ("Pulp Fiction" and "Kill Bill Vol.1") and she's one of the best underrated actresses to date (She deserved the best Actress award at the globes!), and I don't give a flying fuck if she's that tall and kind of thin. What do you prefer, an overweight woamn for liking?

(It is unfortunate that Uma Thurman is a former product of the limp dick, Ethan Hawke)
Me: Hey, let's see "Kill Bill" again, bro!

My Bro: Fuck yeah, Uma Thurman kicks everyone's ass in that flick.
by Mister E. February 15, 2004
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by January 30, 2017
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she is a FOX. simply put. the woman is a fox, and has more spunk than any other woman on this earth. i love her. infact, Uma is an Uber-Fox and she rocks. and ethan hawke is a spack. There is no other woman who can give a "don't fuck with me!" look like she can
"Bitch! You can stop right there. Just because I have no wish to murder you before the eyes of your daughter does not mean that parading her around in front of me is gunna inspire sympathy. You and I have unfinished business. And not a goddamn fuckin thing you've done in the subsequent 4 years - including getting knocked up - is gonna change that!" - The Bride to victim #2, Vernita Green. Eat THAT, bitch.
by zoology dragon October 17, 2004
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An action scene stand in for Zoe Bell in Kill Bill 1&2
Bob Dylan:
"Wow. Did you see Zoe Bell do that handstand in Kill Bill? That was the easiest thing she did in Kill Bill. Uma Thurman is so tough."
Marcel Duchamp:
"I know."
by ShinaSonia February 08, 2012
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Talented actress most famous for her roles in the Quinten Tarintino's Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill series.

She resembles a classy, pretty, Paris Hilton.
Not only is she a better actress than Paris Hilton, shes way hotter.
by JakeStar April 28, 2005
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the living representation of god on earth, jesus has nothing against her, she will rulle our lives for eternaty
by Phill Stone January 16, 2004
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A great actress who deserved to win the best supporting actress Oscar in 1994 for Pulp Fiction. Now currently starring in Tarantinos epic movie Kill Bill.
by seann October 15, 2003
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