242 definition by Emily

Is to 2003 what Battlefield Earth was to 2000 and Swept Away was to 2002. A badly-made sex comedy starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez that few people have actually seen, but will still vouch as "worst movie of the century" because it's the cool thing to do.
"What movie should we see tonight?"
"Well, let's see ... Battlefield Earth, Plan 9 From Outer Space, and Gigli."

"Ugh, Gigli?! That's the worst movie EVER!"
by Emily January 16, 2004

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A nickname or slang term used to talk about ones LiveJournal.com "friends list"
Dude, I have to check my flist.
by Emily September 05, 2004

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The Best Band Ever!
Offspring rocks my socks off!
by Emily January 01, 2004

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Being snogged: Getting very sloppily kissed.
"Man you got super snogged last night"
by Emily March 28, 2005

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a tech-geek spawnling, it stands for MotherFucker What's In Charge
"Hey Intern! Who's the MFWIC around here?"
"You are, sir!"
"That's right, bi-atch!"
by emily November 09, 2004

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to kick someone with your knee up their butt without them knowing you're going to do it.
"that rhino she gave me hurt like hell!"
by Emily October 30, 2004

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The greatest NASCAR driver!! I agree that the people are idiots who put disrespectful defenitions here. Even if you didnt like him, or didnt like NASCAR, at least respect his death.
Dale Earnhardt was the best NASCAR driver, and should be respected!!
by Emily March 10, 2005

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